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What is tungsten carbide button

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What is tungsten carbide button

Tungsten carbide button also called tungsten carbide tip or tungsten carbide teeth,it is the best material for drill tooth in medium and high pressure down hole  hammer drilling industry.

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Tungsten carbide buttons has superior wear resistance and impact toughness, it has a higher rate of drilling and digging compare with similar or competing products. The drill bit of tungsten carbide buttons by passivating treatment has a longer service cycle, its service life is 5 to 6 times than the same diameter of drill bit, it is conducive to save unproductive time and reduce manual labor of workers and speed up the project. Tungsten carbide buttons mainly used in Oil drilling, snow plough equipment, mining machinery, road maintenance and coal drill tools, and other fields for quarrying, mining, and mining tools in tunnel and civil construction, it also as a drill part for heavy-duty rock drill or deep hole drill tools parts.

According to different oilfield drilling machinery,such as a cone bit.down-the-hole drill bit.geological at drilling tools,tungsten carbide buttons is devided into different type:type B, type E,type P,type Q, type S, type Z and rests.

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