What is tungsten carbide wear parts tungsten carbide bar ?

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What is tungsten carbide wear parts tungsten carbide bar?

Tungsten wear parts tungsten carbide bar widely used to sand machine,VSI crusher machine,Zhuzhou Jinxin can produce many size of tungsten carbide wear parts,tungsten carbide bar,and most of tungsten carbide bar we have mold to produce,don't need to pay the mold cost.And we have special material for tungsten carbide bar.

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Zhuzhou jinxin manufacturer of tungsten carbide wear parts built to client specifications. Tungsten carbide wear parts are imperviousness to effect, erosion, wear, and strength and surface properties. Common tungsten carbide products include balls, bars, burrs, buttons, dies, cutters, drills, drill bits, wear parts, tools, tips, seals, saws, rods, rings, pellets, and inserts. Also providing tungsten, tungsten alloys, . ISO 9001:2015 certified.