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Tungsten Carbide Buttons Produce Process

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Tungsten Carbide Buttons Produce Process

Tungsten carbide buttons mainly 4 steps on processing: Grinding, pressing, sintering and quality inspection

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1, Using mold experiment to prepare the accurate raw material ingredient, and repeated calculating for wolfram carbide(WC) grain size to ensure stable quality.

2, High temperature sintering is to guarantee wolfram carbide(WC) impact ductility and using life.

3, Strictly control on producing details like how to dissolve the medium; use the post-cleaning mold, to make sure the ultralow defective rate.

4, Quality self inspection: at least 4 quality inspection step during production, pre-production sample test, semi-finished products test, sampling test, finished products test...

Tunsgten carbide buttons used where extreme hardness and wear resistance is required; in such applications as DTH drill bits and button bits.

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