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Let's learn about tungsten carbide HPGR studs

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Let's learn about tungsten carbide HPGR studs

Application scope of HPGR studs: mainly used for crushing by HPGR.

As the core accessories of roller press, stud provides high wear resistance and high compressive strength for roller press, which can meet the needs of different working conditions.

Because of its good wear resistance and compressive strength, it is suitable for crushing all kinds of rocks in metal mines, meeting the operation requirements such as iron ore, so as to improve the work efficiency.

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Characteristics of tungsten carbide HPGR stud

1. The corner adopts arc chamfering transition to avoid local damage in the process of production, transportation, installation and use.

2. Over pressure sintering is adopted for sintering. The product has good density and high strength.

3. The special process can eliminate the surface stress and increase the surface hardness.

Alloy stud gear installation methods: 1, surfacing welding 2, cold pressing 3, hot inlay 4, adhesive high-pressure roller press, with the advantages of high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption, high material yield, gradually recognized by the market. The performance of cemented carbide roller studs determines the operation of the roller press. The good operation of the roller press needs good cemented carbide studs.

Zhuzhou Jinxin cemented carbide factory produces high-quality wear-resistant materials for crushing equipment, strictly controls the process, has good wear resistance and high bending strength, and supplies cemented carbide tungsten steel nails of various shapes to ensure the service life of roller presses for customers.