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What is tungsten carbide button?

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What is tungsten carbide buttons?

Tungsten carbide buttons also named cemented carbide buttons, is widely used as the most popular mining bits tool in modern industries, therefore, they are also named tungsten carbide mining bits, tungsten carbide button bits or just tungsten carbide mining buttons, etc. And as their material is cemented carbide, so cemented carbide buttons are also widely used among the users.

Rock DTH drill bits,Tungsten carbide mining drill bits,Overburden drilling bits,Tungsten carbide button,DTH hammer,Coal mining picks


Tungsten carbide buttons as its unique performance are widely application for oil filed drilling. According to the different oil-field drilling machinery such as Roller Cone Bits, DTH Bits, Geotechnical Drilling Tools, Drifter Bits, button been divided into different standard styles : P type flat-top bits, Z type coin spherical bits, X type wedge bits. Quality are guaranteed by our steady and higher technic.
1.Tungsten carbide button is used in the coal cutter drilling tools, mine machinery tools and road maintenance tools.
2.Tungsten carbide button are widely applied for rock tools, mining tools for use in quarrying, mining, tunneling, and civil constructions.
We offer Tungsten Carbide Buttons. All of our tungsten carbide products are made with Virgin Raw Materials and processed in HIP/Sintering unit, be of very high quality and excellent performances.