What is the application for tungsten carbide button

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What is the application for tungsten carbide button

tungsten carbide button inserts/tips applied on drilling bit Tips Tungsten Carbide Insert Buttons for Drilling

1. Oil drilling and shoveling, snow plow machines and other equipment.
2. Used for coal drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road maintenance tools.
3. used in quarrying, mining, tunneling, and civil construction.
4. DTH Drill bit, thread drill bit and other drill bits.

Tungsten carbide button are widely applied in oil filed drilling and snow removal, snow plough machines or equipments. according to different shapes, carbide button can be classified into spherical buttons, conical buttons, wedgy buttons, scoop buttons, parabolic buttons. 

Rock DTH drill bits,Tungsten carbide mining drill bits,Overburden drilling bits,Tungsten carbide button,DTH hammer,Coal mining picks

Tungsten Carbide Button carbide buttons carbide teeth for rock drill tips

1. About Raw Material: 100% raw material.

2. Quality Trace-ability: we will keep the sample of each producing process from raw material.

3. About Tolerence: The maximum precision of finished grinding can reach to ±0.001mm.

4. About Grade: For different kinds of rocks, we built our physical mechnical analysis database of rocks. we can provide targeted grade according to different rocks.

5. About Payment terms: TT / LC / Western Union / Paypal / Other

6. Delivery Date: 15-20days after receive customer payment.