What is tapered button bit

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What is tapered button bit 

Tapered button bit wiith carbide buttons hot pressed on bits bodies,Tapered Button Bits have a very good drilling performance and long life time.Different diameters and taper degrees are available to suit different applications in mining, quarrying etc.Zhuzhou Jinxin can supply long skirt and short skirt Tapered Button Bits.

Comparing with tapered chisel bits and tapered cross bits, button bits has higher technology, much longer primary drilling time and higher drilling efficiency,so that the button bit is popular among the users.

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Tapered equipment affords drillers the ability to change drilling bits whilst still using the same drilling rod.Drillers choose tapered button bits for faster drilling penetration rate. Different taper sizes have different characteristics when it comes to the“knock-off”index – the smaller angle will prevent the bit from spinning. 

  • Suitable for small hole range.

   • Widely used in Dimensional Stone Quarrying Industry.

   • Widely used in Underground Mining Industry.