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What is DTH Rock Drilling Tools

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What is DTH Rock Drilling Tools

DTH rock drilling tools are used for tungsten carbide dome buttons and spline tail handle are mostly used in DTH rock drilling tools. DTH rock drilling tools can be divided into hemispherical teeth, conical teeth, parabolic teeth and other types according to their shapes. Hemispherical teeth have strong bearing capacity and good wear resistance, which are suitable for drilling hard, medium hard and abrasive rocks; conical teeth and parabolic teeth have fast drilling speed and are suitable for drilling medium hard and non abrasive rocks.

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Application of  DTH Rock Drilling Tools

DTH rock drilling tools can also adopt the compound tooth distribution form of the side teeth (diameter protection and rock drilling teeth) with ball teeth, core teeth (driving rock breaking teeth) with conical teeth and parabolic teeth, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid rock drilling under various types of rocks.