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Tungsten Carbide Snow Plow Cutting Edge

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 Tungsten Carbide Snow Plow Cutting Edge 

How can  tungsten carbide snow plow cutting edge be reduced in ice and snow weather?

Let me introduce the use of carbide shovel snow flake for you

Tungsten Carbide Snow Plow Cutting Edge is mainly used in the environment of various complex ice and snow layers, with strong power and high snow removal efficiency.

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The main types of tungsten carbide snow plow cutting edge are: NF type, NR type, Na type, NC type and so on.

Our company's  tungsten carbide snow plow cutting edge, using high temperature fine crystallization composite material, has high wear resistance and impact toughness, as well as strong stability and consistency. Timely remove the snow on the ground, keep the road from slipping, Zhuzhou Jinxin carbide shovel snow for your travel escort.