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The efficiency of rock drilling tools-Factors One

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The efficiency of rock drilling tools-Factors One 

Rock drilling tools shape


In addition to the correct choice of carbide grades, rock drilling efficiency is also affected by many factors, mainly the shape of the bit, rock hardness, compressed air pressure, powder discharge method, blasthole diameter and blasthole depth.


Rock drilling tools  shape

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The shape of therock drilling tools directly affects the section of the blasthole. The blasthole sections of most drill bits are polygonal rather than round. Therefore, the polygonal cross section is formed by the side of the gun when the bit is pressed along its own axis. During the rock drilling process, the drill rod does not rotate with a fixed axis but swings freely in the blasthole. This situation can be seen in the actual supply as long as it is carefully observed. The shape of the bit is different, and the cross section of the blasthole obtained during rock drilling is also different.


The edge shape of the blasthole section is one plus the number of the cutting edge of the bit used. When the large-diameter bit ramite is used, the phenomenon that the hole shape is not round is more remarkable. If the hole shape is not round, it will increase the length of the eye and the length of the periphery, while the rock around the fundus is the most difficult to break. Therefore, it will affect the drilling speed to a large extent. The non-circular shape of the hole also hinders the normal rotation of the bit. For deep hole drilling, the impact is even greater, and even the twisting of the drill rod or the phenomenon of jamming may occur. Due to some of the effects of the hole shape, in recent years, research has begun and solutions have been sought. If the shape of the bit is changed, the thickness of the working blade portion is increased, and the wind pressure is increased. However, it has not been completely resolved and needs further study.