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Drilling tools for DTH drill bits matters needing attention during construction

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  1. According to different rock formations, select different types of DTH drill bits, shaft pressure and rotation speed according to the softness and hardness of lithology.

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2. When the down hole drilling rig is perforated, it must be operated in accordance with the principle that the three elements of the perforation (wind pressure, axial pressure, and rotational speed) and the parameters recommended by the drill sample match.

3, Before the drilling, please check the appearance of each part, verify that the end face of the drill thread and the drill box and the factory number on the certificate are consistent to prevent counterfeiting.

4. The drill bit should be reasonably stored on the down-the-hole drilling rig to prevent dust and other debris from entering the drill bit.

5. When replacing the DTH drill bit, ensure that there is no dust inside the drill, the air outlet is smooth, the thread is smeared, and the drill bit can be used after lifting and turning.

6. Before replacing a new drill bit, you should carefully check whether the three cones are flexible, and whether the thread and teeth are intact.

7. When the new drill bit is drilled, it is necessary to run the low shaft pressure and low speed for 20-30 minutes, then gradually increase to the normal axial pressure.

8. When the new DTH drill bit is newly opened, it is necessary to pay attention to clear the debris around the hole (rock, scrap metal, etc.). At the same time, the air should be slowed down and close to the surface to prevent drilling and impact damage to the drill bit.

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