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What is DTH Rock Drill Bits?

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What is DTH Rock Drill Bits?

DTH drill bits  is down the hole drill bits ,are used for rocking drilling and are widely used. For example, if you open a road and build a bridge, you will encounter a hard, large piece of stone. You need to open a hole, put some powder that can be lit, let it break open, and smash it, in order to quarrying, mining, and the big stone is also to be holed. In order to break the stone.

Rock DTH drill bits,Tungsten carbide mining drill bits,Overburden drilling bits,Tungsten carbide button,DTH hammer,Coal mining picks

DTH rock drill bits are mainly used for cutting, drilling and other hard non-ferrous materials such as marble, granite, glass, ceramics, hard concrete and brick. Different types of drill bits have suitable drill pipes.


Therefore, when using the DTH drill bit, we should pay attention to selecting the DTH drill bit according to the rock formation, ie hardness and corrosiveness. Different types of alloy teeth are suitable for drilling different rocks, and in the process of rock drilling, it is necessary to ensure the dive. The hole rig has sufficient pressure to avoid problems that occur durin


Main series of down-the-hole drill bits:GSD、GQL、GBR、CIR


GSD series DTH drill bits:Drill bits for GSD4、5、6、8、10、12 hammers

GQL series DTH drill bits:Drill bits for GQL30、10、50、60、80 hammers

GBR series DTH drill bits:Drill bits for GBR1A、2A、3A hammers

CIR series DTH drill bits:Drill bits for CIR76A、90A、110A、150A hammers

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