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Ball Head Cemented Tungsten Carbide Roller Grinding Press HPGR Studs Pins

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Ball Head Cemented Tungsten Carbide Roller Grinding Press HPGR Studs Pins-Advantages from Zhuzhou Jinxin

Zhuzhou Jinxin tungsten carbide roller HPGR studs pins advantages:

Rock DTH drill bits,Tungsten carbide mining drill bits,Overburden drilling bits,Tungsten carbide button,DTH hammer,Coal mining picks

1. Service life: 8000-10000 hrs for iron ore crushing and over 25000hrs for cement crushing.

2. Total production of HPGR studs: over 800tons.

3. High production capacity and advanced technologies. Zhuzhou Jinxin has mature

technologies and process for tungsten carbide stud production. We have 60 t TPA

pressing machine to ensure good quality of green compacts, and HIP sintering furnace in which 1000 kilograms of tungsten carbide studs can be sintered each time. We guarantee good and consistent quality of all our products.

4. A team with advanced technologies and strong R&D capacity. We’ve set expert engineers to track the application of this type of products and develop new materials with better properties. We keep constant communications with our customers, and provide enthusiastic and considerate service.

5. Independent mold designing team and production workshop, to support our product-customizing with high efficiency and durable quality.

6. Successful cases. Our company has already supplied several companies with tons of tungsten carbide studs and gained good reputation.