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CIR90-90 DTH Drill Bits Special Design for Coal

2019/11/14 JINXIN CARBIDE official website_Rock DTH drill bits_Tungsten carbide mining drill bits _Overburden drilling bits_Tungsten carbide button _DTH hammer_Coal mining picks 8

CIR90-90 DTH Drill Bits Special Design for Coal

Zhuzhou Jinxin produced high performance and stable quality DTH Hammer, DTH drill bits, Overburden Drilling, Pick Cutter Bits, Knife shaped Bits, Shield Tunneling Tool, Road milling and planing cutter, crusher carbide plate, Farm Machinery Parts, Wood Chipper Cutters.

Normaly we produced CIR90-90 with ballistic buttons or domed buttons.



Now we have a special design for CIR90-90 DTH drill bits with sharp buttons for coal mining and have good feedback from our customer.