Rock button bit from Zhuzhou Jinxin

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Rock button bit from Zhuzhou Jinxin

Rock button bit is made by high quality tungsten carbides and steel, through heat treatment so that it can be used for hard rock drilling, and transmit intensive impact energy into the rock with the least possible loss of energy. Comparing with tapered chisel bits and tapered cross bits, button bits has higher technology, much longer primary drilling time and higher drilling efficiency .

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1    Hole diameter :

      normally the taper drill hole is 30mm 32 mm 34mm 36mm's all depend on the size of material are you going to            putting in the hole Explosives, expanders, steel, etc

2.   Taper degree :  there are 6° 7°11°12° . light duty rock drill is suitable for 6° or 7° tapered drill bit . heavy duty rock drill is         suitable for 11°12° tapered drill bit

3.   Button: form 4 buttons to 9 button on one tapered drill bit .the diameter of the button is form φ6 to φ9 .