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Tapered chisel button bit

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Tapered chisel button bit

Tapered chisel button bit is a kind of bit with only one cemented carbide embedded in the head of the solder head. It is a matching product of taper rod (finished brazing), which is connected with taper drill through taper hole. The one-line series drill head has the advantages of simple manufacturing technology, easy to Regrind, reliable work and strong adaptability to rock mass properties. It is often used to drill holes with diameter of d50mm in various rocks with light internal combustion, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drilling machines. Because of its low price and other characteristics, it is still the main type of drill head used in the middle and small diameter rock hole drilling and chiseling engineering in China. 

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The advantages of the tapered chisel bit are: cheap price, matching taper drill and rock drill are cheap, easy to carry, and can be used in various construction sites. Widely used for depth ≤ 10 m ф 32~ ф 46 drilling. For different rock types, different grades and types of alloys shall be selected. The specifications of one-character drill head are: diameter 20-32-60-70, such as y140-723. It can be processed according to the sample of products provided by the user. The advantages of the product are: it can be used to drill any hardness rock; Not suitable for drilling and chiseling fractured heterogeneous rock: widely used in various light rock drills. Instructions: in order to use the one word bit correctly and ensure the normal service life of the one word drill, the following points should be noted: 1. Ensure that the taper bit fits well (the taper is consistent, the depth of the taper hole inserted into the drill head must be greater than 25mm, and the head of the tool should not be full of the drill head), otherwise, it will easily cause the loss of the drill head; 2. When opening the hole, the drill should reduce the air volume, reduce the damage to the drill head caused by high stress on the cemented carbide sheet, and then use the normal air volume after the drill head is completely chiseled into the rock