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Character for tungsten carbide button

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Character for tungsten carbide button

Tungsten carbide buttons  are divided into: Coal pick, ball shaped teeth, conical teeth, spoon shaped teeth, flat top teeth, parabolic teeth, wedge-shaped teeth, side wedge teeth, sharp claw teeth, road digging teeth and so on. It is mainly used for the side teeth of down the hole drill, and is suitable for the rock with strong abrasiveness and very hard.

The features of Tungsten carbide buttons are: superior wear resistance and impact toughness, higher drilling speed compared with similar products. The passivation service cycle of ball tooth series bit is long, which is beneficial to save auxiliary working hours, reduce manual labor and speed up engineering.

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Spherical teeth, conical teeth, wedge-shaped teeth, side wedge-shaped teeth, spoon shaped teeth, flat top teeth, parabola shaped teeth, sharp claw teeth, road digging teeth and other specifications of cemented carbide spherical teeth are produced in cemented carbide manufacturers.

Tungsten carbide buttons are 100% produced by primary tungsten carbide, and the product performance is stable. After ordinary sintering, the over-pressure sintering furnace is used for secondary sintering, so that the bit does not drop teeth, and the service life is longer. After fine grinding by centerless grinder, the dimension standard is ensured.